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Welcome to Strategic Library. The editorial content of this e-newsletter focuses on innovation, best practices, and emerging trends in the complex and rapidly evolving library landscape.

Keeping abreast of new ideas and practices allows library administrators to allocate human and financial resources effectively. The topics in each issue of Strategic Library focus on ways to use current facilities and personnel to their maximum advantage and conduct strategic planning from an informed position.

Published monthly, Strategic Library assists administrators and managers in all types of libraries as they deal with day-to-day and strategic challenges. In-depth articles, written by highly regarded professionals in the field, focus on leadership, management, evaluation, assessment, marketing, funding, and more to promote organizational success. 

As the library field becomes increasingly complex with the advent of new technologies, shifting consumer needs, and tighter budgets, managers need to keep pace with innovations and thinking in the field to offer the most professional service to all constituents. Strategic Library is there to help you.


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